Dreams …..hmm….We all dream ….first of all what is dream …man??

What I believe is …when a person wants to achieve something but he feels that it is difficult to achieve , he makes it a dream. I know, what we see at night is also a dream. But you know what ….We call that also a dream because it is also difficult to be fulfilled. Don’t you also think so? The dreams we see at night are so weird ….I don’t know about you all , but what dreams I see are always weird .

But ya ….I did not want to talk about these night dreams , I wanted to talk about the real life dreams.

Every teenager like me would definitely have a dream to become successful in the career they chose to pursuit in life. But then most of us once in a while feel that how can I  do this ? Am I capable of what I chose to become ?

Let me tell you dear, nobody has less capability. If you want to become something and you are confident enough and if you trust yourself then you can definitely achieve it. 

My friends, I always believe in 4Ps 





Have a PURPOSE in life, and a dream will follow, trim this dream with PASSION  in your heart and POSSIBILITIES will open for you. You will survive only if you believe in the POWER of your dreams.


21 thoughts on “DREAMS

  1. It is resembling that you are a matured girl who is passionate of doing things for what exactly you want to be…wish you a bright future ahead…..stay strong…..achieve heights….


  2. It is in believing in yourself, removing those many doubts and fears that finally opens a doorway, the doorway to your heart. And then you can do anything because those shackles of fear have been removed, and the one love you have searched for all your life will be revealed…the love of yourself. It is the one thing we keep at bay by our fears, the ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘ I can’t do it’ that echoes through our life.
    Remove the fears by facing them and understanding them and that doorway will open…and an incredible change will begin something that is a beauty like nothing else, and that happiness we have always looked for will finally be understood and a part of our lives always ❤

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  3. Hello Harshita
    It is wonderful to know your thoughts….You remind me of our life skills sessions in school. I remember you asking me to continue discussion in class and now here you are…i am so glad to see your positive approach to life ….that is the most essential need of today,,,all the best.

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