Hi everyone!! Thanks for giving so much love to my first blog πŸ˜€

And I apologise that I am not regular wid my blogs …

So this my second blog. I hope u all like it. Let me know in the comment section ☺

A friend asked me a question, ” Ever thought of giving up on life” I was shocked such a cheering person asked me this.

I replied “Never” and continued , “This life is really beautiful, u can’t just think of losing such a precious thing ”

There are difficult times in life when we feel so helpless , we start calling ourself a looser. That is the time many people think of quitting over this beautiful life. People in today’s time are not emotionally strong, especially the “youth”.

This life is granted to us only for once …and the time is running so fast…We can’t just waste this life being sad.

If we are cheerful and if we take the problems positively nobody can steal our smile😁

I feel if u follow these 2 things in life , happiness will never ever leave u

1. Try to find things which make u happy and people who want to see u happy.

Your family members and ur “true” friends always wish to see u happy. Spend quality time wid ur family and friends instead of spending time wid ur phones. The rule of my house is all the members have one meal together ie dinner.

Everyone has a hobby which makes the person cheerful. Spend some time on weekends to do that.
2. Set a goal in and work towards it .

The life is so fast in towns… We can’t waste time being sad. Set ur short and long term goals and work toward it. This makes u so busy that u forget the problems or the things that make u sad .

And the best funda of being happy is BE YOUR SELF .πŸ˜‰

So be happy and keep smiling .😊


18 thoughts on “A QUESTION πŸ˜•

  1. Hi, a very well defined blog. Good to see young generations talking on such topics with lot of positivity.

    Keep the passion in life and never leave the hand of positivity…..things will definitely come.

    Congratulations to you on the beautiful blog and best wishes for the upcoming one.


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