You are capable of amazing things!

“A single sheet of paper cannot decide your future” Oh! Comeon, you live in India, the education system here first checks your mark sheet! You want to become an Engineer or doctor? Then you should get into best college, you will get best knowledge and education. Oppss! Am sorry, you need good marks to get into good college, only practically being superb at engineering stuff would not let you get into a good college , you need good marks in theory also.
This would be familiar to all Indians reading this. But now we are seeing changes in the mentality of people. They say “I am following my dreams, I have no pressure from my parents or teachers, they also support my dreams!”
Really? I don’t think so because we all are following our marks and not dreams. What we say and what we do has a far distance in between.
I am not writing this to change the education system , it is only going to change when we change our mindset , when we practice what we say.
We are all capable of amazing things, our marks don’t define our capability. For once keep our marks aside and think of all what you do good in, might be your marks have been underestimating your amazing talents and capabilities. See yourself through your eyes and not through the eyes of the exams, surely you will find a different person.
Gave 3 attempts of CA ? Still failed? “I cannot do this anymore , maybe I am not capable of becoming a CA. ” Stop destroying your self esteem for the sake of exams. You are capable of whatever you want to do, just you need is a pinch more of self esteem. Never let that down. The more you believe yourself the more u get closer to success.


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