A Guide to remove “TOXICITY”

Protect your space and circle. Invest in people who you know will feed you just as much goodness as you do them.

You always have a chance to choose what you want and who you want in your life. Having people around you who fill your life with joy and happiness is a blessing. But the people who have nothing to do with your happiness are just another curse. I refer them as “toxic humans”.

I have literally classified them into 8 types (sounds weird, I know):

1. Those who spread negativity: They are the ones who will lead you to the negative path whatsoever happens. They are the ones who will always embrace the negative part in you ignoring all the happiness you have in your life.

2. Those who criticize you all the time : They say that the people who criticize you are the ones you should keep by your side, so that you know where you are going wrong. But no my dear friends , these criticizers are not the ones who criticize you to make you better . Whatever you achieve, they will always find a small little peanut size criticism and make it look like a giant mistake.

3. Those who waste your time: You need to start analysing who gives you their precious time to make you grow and who wastes your time .

4. Those who are jealous : Ugh! There’s nothing that can be added to this.

5. Those who play the victim : All ways to gain sympathy and attention . That person is always someone who is the wounded party and everyone is supposed to feel sorry for them .

6. Those who don’t care : You give so much of care , affection and love to a friend or anyone and in return a day comes when you realise that the person you thought cares about you doesn’t give a damn.

7. Those who are self centered : Everybody needs to be selfish but a person who is always surrounded by thoughts about themselves needs to be removed from your life .

8. Those who keep disappointing you : Giving chances , helping people to grow, having expectations is human nature. But my friend , if you do this same to a person again and again then that person is nothing but a curse in your life. Remove it immediately.

Invest your time and care for people who really make you feel alive. There is nothing worse than wasting your time for a person who doesn’t even deserve one second from your life.

There is so much to love around. Throw out all the negativity in your life and grow as an amazing person. Do things that make you proud of yourself . Start living for yourself once and then you see how beautiful this world can turn into.


You are capable of amazing things!

“A single sheet of paper cannot decide your future” Oh! Comeon, you live in India, the education system here first checks your mark sheet! You want to become an Engineer or doctor? Then you should get into best college, you will get best knowledge and education. Oppss! Am sorry, you need good marks to get into good college, only practically being superb at engineering stuff would not let you get into a good college , you need good marks in theory also.
This would be familiar to all Indians reading this. But now we are seeing changes in the mentality of people. They say “I am following my dreams, I have no pressure from my parents or teachers, they also support my dreams!”
Really? I don’t think so because we all are following our marks and not dreams. What we say and what we do has a far distance in between.
I am not writing this to change the education system , it is only going to change when we change our mindset , when we practice what we say.
We are all capable of amazing things, our marks don’t define our capability. For once keep our marks aside and think of all what you do good in, might be your marks have been underestimating your amazing talents and capabilities. See yourself through your eyes and not through the eyes of the exams, surely you will find a different person.
Gave 3 attempts of CA ? Still failed? “I cannot do this anymore , maybe I am not capable of becoming a CA. ” Stop destroying your self esteem for the sake of exams. You are capable of whatever you want to do, just you need is a pinch more of self esteem. Never let that down. The more you believe yourself the more u get closer to success.


Hi everyone!! Thanks for giving so much love to my first blog 😀

And I apologise that I am not regular wid my blogs …

So this my second blog. I hope u all like it. Let me know in the comment section ☺

A friend asked me a question, ” Ever thought of giving up on life” I was shocked such a cheering person asked me this.

I replied “Never” and continued , “This life is really beautiful, u can’t just think of losing such a precious thing ”

There are difficult times in life when we feel so helpless , we start calling ourself a looser. That is the time many people think of quitting over this beautiful life. People in today’s time are not emotionally strong, especially the “youth”.

This life is granted to us only for once …and the time is running so fast…We can’t just waste this life being sad.

If we are cheerful and if we take the problems positively nobody can steal our smile😁

I feel if u follow these 2 things in life , happiness will never ever leave u

1. Try to find things which make u happy and people who want to see u happy.

Your family members and ur “true” friends always wish to see u happy. Spend quality time wid ur family and friends instead of spending time wid ur phones. The rule of my house is all the members have one meal together ie dinner.

Everyone has a hobby which makes the person cheerful. Spend some time on weekends to do that.
2. Set a goal in and work towards it .

The life is so fast in towns… We can’t waste time being sad. Set ur short and long term goals and work toward it. This makes u so busy that u forget the problems or the things that make u sad .

And the best funda of being happy is BE YOUR SELF .😉

So be happy and keep smiling .😊


Dreams …..hmm….We all dream ….first of all what is dream …man??

What I believe is …when a person wants to achieve something but he feels that it is difficult to achieve , he makes it a dream. I know, what we see at night is also a dream. But you know what ….We call that also a dream because it is also difficult to be fulfilled. Don’t you also think so? The dreams we see at night are so weird ….I don’t know about you all , but what dreams I see are always weird .

But ya ….I did not want to talk about these night dreams , I wanted to talk about the real life dreams.

Every teenager like me would definitely have a dream to become successful in the career they chose to pursuit in life. But then most of us once in a while feel that how can I  do this ? Am I capable of what I chose to become ?

Let me tell you dear, nobody has less capability. If you want to become something and you are confident enough and if you trust yourself then you can definitely achieve it. 

My friends, I always believe in 4Ps 





Have a PURPOSE in life, and a dream will follow, trim this dream with PASSION  in your heart and POSSIBILITIES will open for you. You will survive only if you believe in the POWER of your dreams.